Computer science class from Dr. Li

Class Design

Good education is about cultivating kids' ability to think independently and solve problems independently. This class uses fun and challenging games to teach kids the fundamentals of computer science. Subject covered includes, 
  • How computer works
  • Loop
  • Condition
  • Procedures
  • Overloading
At the start of each class, instructor first use easy to understand examples to illustrate complex computer science concepts. Instructor then demonstrates the new concept with a game. Students then think and practice by completing another game. The game we use is NOT Scratch. Another game designed for practicing computer algorithm logics is used. 

Key Difference

  • We emphasize independent problem solving skills
  • We deliver knowledge and training using fun and challenging games
  • Algorithmic way of thinking matters most

Target Students

Kids from age 7 to 12. No prerequisite required. Require an iPad or Android Tablet.

Time and Format

The class is held once a week via Zoom. Class lasts 45 mins. You can choose one of the following time slots:
  • Sunday 11-11:45AM
  • Sunday 2-2:45PM
First class start on June 07, 2020

Dr. Li's Bio

Dr. Qingwe Li obtained his Ph.D. degree in Operations Research. Dr. Qingwei Li is a machine learning expert. He also teaches graduate level courses at Columbia University. His teaching is easy to follow and fun. You can check out reviews from his students:

Most importantly, Dr. Li is a father of two boys (9 and 7). He has been teaching his kids mathematics and computer science since his kids were little.

Cost and Registration

Cost is $230 for this 10-class camp.
Registration link: 
Questions? Please email


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